2015 is one of those milesIMG_0401tone years in my life.  I’m talking a big milestone of twenty plus years (sorry, I’m not disclosing how big).  My high School and college reunions are both categorically recognized in 2015 as is our wedding anniversary.  Another milestone I hadn’t considered at all up until this weekend is tent camping.

Early on in our marriage money was hard to come by (some things haven’t changed).  We decided to borrow a tent and go camping as evidenced by the photo.  I loved that Buick Century with the bench front seat, but I digress.  We built a fire and sang songs while I strummed a guitar.  The thrill of the evening was chasing away a skunk that invaded our outing.
Lately, I’ve been feeling nostalgic about the decades of experiences I enjoyed at a Christian campground on the shores of Lake Ontario.  Since 2015 is a big milestone of both our wedding and our first camping experience as a couple, we decided to celebrate in style.  We purchased a tent and an air mattress and headed off to the campground.

The weather was a tad on the hot side but it is summer after all.  Setting up our campsite couldn’t have been easier.  The tent IMG_0396practically erected itself, while the air mattress was self-inflating.  We ate sandwiches for lunch purchased at an Amish grocery en route.  Hand in hand we walked along the dusty roads, waded in the cool lake water and read books in the shade offered by a tree as a gentle breeze made the hot air manageable.  All the while trouble was brewing from an unseen source.  Our fun continued to unfold.  One of us floated on a inner-tube on the now tranquil water, while the other purchased an ice cream cone at the camp store.  Together we baked a peach pie in our campfire.

At some point in the afternoon I did not feel well.  I suspected the culprit was the breakfast sandwiched I purchased at a sporting event earlier that morning.  The words the server offered, “it might be a little slimy” carried much greater significance in hindsight.

I tried to hang in there and contribute to making our day a memorable one.  Finally as the day turned to twilight, I turned to my darling wife who appeared to be having the time of her life and said, “I can’t do this anymore.  Can we go home.”  If loving at times is sacrificial, then she paid a high price.  An hour and a half later I felt loved and blessed as I snuggled under the covers, recuperating from my illness in my home sweet home.

What a person desires is unfailing love…Proverbs 19:22

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