Tool or a toy


“Your talent can be either a tool or a toy.  Glorifying God with your talent makes it a useful tool.  Glorifying yourself with your talent makes it a useless toy.  Tools help others.  Toys help only you.  God wants our talents to be His tools, not our toys.”

from the book  Whatever the Cost, by David and Jason Benham, brothers and former hosts of a home-improvement television show.

I have wrestled with this dilemma (tool or toy) for the past 6 years.  During that time, my writing has not progressed and I have yielded zilch in the way of finished work.  My mind dreams of following an easier path, to use my writing talent creatively to serve my own purposes.  My heart says God gave me this talent and I need to use it to accomplish his purpose.  For some this statement sounds devoid of fun and lacking personal satisfaction.  But the God I serve is aware of my need for fun and satisfaction.  He created me in his image.  By serving him, I am saying, “God, you choose if or when, and how you will reward me”.

“Writing is my tool.”  There I said it.  Have you given some thought to how you will use your talent?  (Matthew 25:14-30)

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