Daily Archives: September 15, 2015

Work or Worship

IMG_0402In Benham’s book, the brothers call our attention to the Hebrew word avodah which can mean work or worship.  God put a desire in us to do both.  The Benham brothers assert that as followers of Jesus we shouldn’t make the mistake of separating the two.  They had several things to say on the subject.  Here are three:

  1.  Whatever the task at work (no matter how menial), it can be done as an act of worship to the God we serve.  That means if we’re janitors (been there) or some other low link on the corporate food chain, our work is meaningful to God.  He sees it as such.
  2. We are strategically placed by God in our jobs as ambassadors for Him.  Not only are we serving our employer (work) we are serving Him (worship).  Your job is your ministry.
  3. Our identity should come from who we are not what we do.  “We are defined by the One who holds us in His hand.”  We must be careful that we are not pulled away from God by making what we do a priority over who we are.  (Colossians 3:23-24)