A Fifth Key to Happiness


Carry a stone with you in your pocket. A more practical solution might be to keep one on display in a prominent location in your home or place of work. This suggestion certainly requires some explanation.

In one of his mysteries, “The Heartbeat of a Miracle,” Jonathan Cahn compares a rock to the miracle of a heartbeat.

“The rock exists as a rock with no heartbeat. It retains its shape, its size, its consistency, with no need of a heartbeat. But you have a heartbeat. Every moment of your existence hangs on a heartbeat. The moment it stops, your existence is over. That’s the difference between a rock and your life. God ordained it. Rocks just exist. But life never just exists. It must strive to exist, fight to exist. Your heart must keep beating, every moment of your life. Even if you do nothing, your heart beats. Even when you sleep, it keeps beating every moment so that you can remain alive. If you waste your moments on earth, still it beats that you can waste your time. When you sin, when you gossip, when you covet and hate, still it beats while you do so. When you weep, when you give up hope, still it beats so that even in your tears and despair, it still fights for you to live and to be able to cry.”

Jonathan goes on to say.

“How does one apply this?” “You cease taking your life for granted. You stop wasting it, mistreating it, treating it as something less than the miracle it is. You cease to allow your life to be given to sin and what is less than God’s will. You treasure the existence with which you were entrusted. You stop throwing away your moments. You treat your life and your time on earth as a treasure. You treat your every moment as if there was a heart beating behind it, striving for that moment to exist. In short . . . you live a life worthy . . . of every heartbeat.”

Cahn, Jonathan (2016-09-06). The Book of Mysteries (p. 21). Charisma House. Kindle Edition.

May the stone you carry with you remind you of the miracle of your life.  So, where have you placed your stone?IMG_0379

I will give them an undivided heart and put a new spirit in them; I will remove their heart of stone and give them a heart of flesh.  Ezekiel 11:19

1 thought on “A Fifth Key to Happiness

  1. Patty J Roushey

    I kid you not, today driving to the store before I read this post I was thinking about the smooth rounded stones at the “beach” at Barker Lighthouse Christian Campground. I was thinking how the water changes the rock to look different from what a rock I pull out my garden looks like. Jesus is the Living Water. Everything is a lot smoother if I let the Living Water change me : )



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