Be a Bridge

bridge-53769_960_720I went for a walk on a spring day after a good rain.  The route I chose featured a view of a number of ponds connected by waterways.  The recent rains caused these ponds to swell, and likewise the waterways connecting them.  My trek took me past a bridge I’d seen countless times before.  Each time I’ve see it, I’ve always felt an invitation to cross it.  I found myself wondering why.

Perhaps it’s because a bridge offers a smooth, unencumbered crossing.  Firm and familiar footing are preferable to an encounter with hidden obstacles beneath the water’s surface.  Or maybe it’s because burdens, those either heavy or valuable, can be transported safely across it without loss.  Regardless of the reason, bridges offer reliable, safe passage from one shore to the next.

handshake-584105_960_720Can one person act as a bridge for another?  I believe they can.  Consider the possibility that someone might be facing a particularly rough patch in their life.  You, or I, could help them transition from where they are presently to a more desirable place on another shore.  Perhaps you, or I, could support that person and help bear their burden as they cross.



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