The Waiting Game


As a dog owner, I am well aware of how short a canine’s life span is.  I have buried two dear creatures.  No matter how few their years, dogs are fully devoted to their masters and will spend countless hours waiting for a chance to be with them, even if its just for a moment. One of the many reasons they are deemed man’s best friend.

As a person, I am also aware of how short life can be.  Both my parents died prematurely.  I take solace in the fact that they now enjoy a new life together in eternity. One cannot consider eternity, however, without taking into account the One being who created and inhabits it.  The eternity we are all headed for will either be spent in the Creator’s presence or apart from him.  If I desire to be with God it would behoove me to get to know him, spend time with him, and wait upon him for guidance.

For since the world began,
no ear has heard
and no eye has seen a God like you,
who works for those who wait for him!

Isaiah 64:4 NLT

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