I am working on another chapter in my upcoming book.  This chapter is going to be called, “First,” given the fact that my dog, Lucky, experienced many firsts as a puppy.  When I consider the word “first,” my mind wants to take me to so many different places. Consider these possibilities of the word and see where your mind takes you:

  • Doing something for the first time. A phrase also comes to mind, “there’s a first time for everything.”
  • The lowest item of significance in a game or structured activity such as first base in baseball (you can’t score without advancing past 1st base).
  • First prize, besting all others in a given event or activity.
  • First day of a each new month, a renewing process that propels us through the calendar year.
  • A word associated with the letter “A” or the number “1.”  Is One the loneliest number? (a Three Dog Night song)
  • The beginning or first task required in sequential tasks.  I’ve been told many times, “Do this first!” or “First things first!”
  • Favorite person or thing, “numeral uno!” or BFF (best friend forever).
  • Prioritizing a person, relationship or time at the expense of all others.  Remembering one’s wedding vows or recounting a salvation experience.cropped-img_0884

As my dog aged to adulthood, we grew closer together because of the many experiences we shared.  I became his numeral uno, his first priority.   He ultimately spent hours waiting for me to come home from work just so we could share a few minutes doing one of his favorite activities.

In my reflections, which I include in the book after each chapter, I observed Lucky’s dedication and devotion to me and it caused me to consider my own priorities in life. What am I doing to prioritize the important people in my life, especially the God I serve?

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