Monthly Archives: July 2017

A Dog’s Love

girl-and-dog-962191_960_720If you are considering getting a dog for the first time or perhaps adding another one to your fold, consider this quote from Suzzanne Clothier from her book, “Bones Would Rain from the Sky: Deepening Our Relationships with Dogs.”  (I have not read her book but I like this quote.)

“There is a cycle of love and death that shapes the lives of those who choose to travel in the company of animals.  It is a cycle unlike any other.  To those who have never lived through its turnings and walked its rocky path, our willingness to give our hearts with full knowledge that they will be broken seems incomprehensible.  Only we know how small a price we pay for what we receive; our grief, no matter how powerful it may be, is an insufficient measure of the joy we have been given.”

Dirty mouth

teeth-1652937_960_720A random thought came to me as I was brushing my teeth today.  My morning breath was quickly whisked away by the cleansing action of a little mouthwash and some toothpaste.  Brushing is something we are supposed to do multiple times a day but when we fail to do so our mouths become dirty, our breath, bad, and our teeth susceptible to decay.

I was reminded of how things can spiral downward in our spiritual lives if we don’t take steps to keep our hearts and mind clean.  One of my favorite scriptures deals with the issue of spiritual maintenance.

But if we confess our sins to him, he [God] is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all wickedness. 1 John 1:9

Check out Natalie Grant’s new song, “Clean,” if you get a chance.  “There’s nothing too dirty that You can’t make worthy. You wash me in mercy, I am clean”