Monthly Archives: August 2017

Brody, day 5

IMG_0957Big brother Jake has finally stopped panting, the excitement (or anxiety) from having to put up with Brody 24/7 is his new normal.  We actually saw them laying down side by side.  Both were exhausted.  We spend most of the day telling Jake, “be nice,” but Brody is not playing by the same rules.

I discovered that Brody has two speeds when he’s not sleeping.  There’s the mini trot, four or five steps followed by rest.  The other speed is crazy puppy, a full out bolt across the lawn.

We have enjoyed our third straight night of restful sleep.  Apparently it makes a huge difference if Brody is in his exercise pen with the crate door standing open.  Oh, the little things in life sometimes make all the difference!


Brodie, day three

Life often requires making adjustments.  Just add a puppy to your life and you’ll see what I mean.  Our priorities have suddenly flip flopped. Today, our highest priority is finding a way to get a peaceful night sleep without our “rooster,” Brodie sounding off in the middle of the night.  A close second  would be getting him to pee outside in the grass instead of on our oak laminate flooring.  Leisurely showers, quiet meal times and sleeping in on your day off have fallen to the bottom of the list.  It’s a good thing puppies are so darn cute!




IMG_1409A little dog named Brodie came to live with us yesterday.  Jake, normally shy around dogs, welcomed his new little brother by engaging in a marathon chase.  The puppies 4 month-old wobbly legs were no match for our 9 year-old dog’s 17 pound frame.  Brodie seemed to take the harassment it in stride, however.  By the end of the day two worn-out dogs sprawled out on the living room floor.  Bedtime brought its own form of adventure.  Brodie had never been crated before.  We armed ourselves with hearing protection and settled in for the night.  We discovered that Brodie can bark very loud for a puppy.  In the end, a night light and big brother Jake camped outside the crate saved the day.  Sweet dreams Brodie!

Will there be dogs in heaven?

Will there be dogs in heaven?  That’s a million dollar question argued by many intellectuals.  If dogs have a spirit, which I believe they do, then that spirit will need a place to spend eternity.  What a better locale to spend it in than a place devoid of evil, hatred and loss.

Dogs of our time work tirelessly to make our world a better place.  Perhaps this is what inspired Will Rodgers to utter these words.