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If your dog could talk…

faced-with-guilt-2126526_960_720Let’s face it, our pets see a side of us few others do.  If you could have a conversation with your canine “best friend,” what would they say to you?  Would they compliment you on your repeated generosity, love or kindness?  OR, would they express concern over your selfish behavior, or your lack of compassion? Be a true friend today!

“If you love me keep my commands.” John 14:15

“This is my command: love each other.” John 15:17


Is it a coincidence that “God” spelled backwards is d-o-g?


Yes, dogs are wonderful, amazing creatures.  But let’s not forget who created them.  I don’t think it’s a coincidence that dog’s were created to become such best friends with mankind.  But let us limit our love to elements of creation and forget to worship God who created them.

Matthew 22:37


Brody day 13


It’s amazing how fast Brody picks things up.  He is a smart one, watching humans and big brother Jake.  “Do you want a treat?” the words don’t escape his attention.  He excitedly follows Jake and me over to the box of biscuits in the pantry.  Brody sprints over to me when I excitedly inquire, “Do you want to go for a walk?” and then waits patiently while I put on his harness.

Once outside Brody has trouble distinguishing friend from foe.  He barks at garbage cans, other dogs, and pedestrians who simply stop to admire him.  We still have a lot of work to do.  At least he’s starting to figure out why we are taking him outside so frequently.  Most of the time he complies by doing his buisness.


Brody, day 9


The other day our vet told us Brody is losing his baby teeth.  Translation, he’s chewing on everything in sight, including Jakes collar, Patty’s clothes, and my fingers.  I gave him an old dog collar to chew on which he is already shredding.

A new pattern is emerging at our house.  Every evening there is a dog race around Brody’s pen and the living room coffee table.  Brody goads Jake into chasing him by stealing something Jake wants to play with and running away from him.

Relentless potty breaks have afforded me the opportunity to start training Brody on a leash.  We take short walks around the back yard.  When is the last time you stopped to watch water dripping from a hose?  Have you ever nudged a dead leaf perched on the grass with your nose, or tasted a wad of dead grass?  Probably not.  It does make me wonder what I’m missing when I hurry through my day.  Take some time today to enjoy life!