Brody, day 9


The other day our vet told us Brody is losing his baby teeth.  Translation, he’s chewing on everything in sight, including Jakes collar, Patty’s clothes, and my fingers.  I gave him an old dog collar to chew on which he is already shredding.

A new pattern is emerging at our house.  Every evening there is a dog race around Brody’s pen and the living room coffee table.  Brody goads Jake into chasing him by stealing something Jake wants to play with and running away from him.

Relentless potty breaks have afforded me the opportunity to start training Brody on a leash.  We take short walks around the back yard.  When is the last time you stopped to watch water dripping from a hose?  Have you ever nudged a dead leaf perched on the grass with your nose, or tasted a wad of dead grass?  Probably not.  It does make me wonder what I’m missing when I hurry through my day.  Take some time today to enjoy life!


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