Psalm 119:17-32 (Deal bountifully with me)

god-2925343_960_720Anyone who has tried to keep the 10 commands knows that it is an impossible undertaking, especially if we are to factor in those errant thoughts and motives. Jesus came, not to discard the standard of perfection found in the Old Testament, but to fulfill that standard on my behalf. Jesus’ perfection is imputed onto me so that I can one day stand before God blameless.

This doesn’t make the word of God found in the Old Testament any less relevant to Believers. God sent Jesus, a living, breathing human being, to represent Him. John’s gospel declares, “The word became flesh and dwelt among us.” John 1:14 Jesus is the Word of God!

Gimel – Symbol of gathering or walking

v17-20 Be good to me – deal bountifully with me – help me, give me what is good.  Open my eyes – this could be a desire to seek what is truth, but also a request for guidance on what areas of my life need cleansing.  A stranger to earth – a sojourner needs a heavenly compass and a roadmap, to help him find his way.  My soul is consumed with longing – Carelessly pushing God away during times of prosperity or success leaves us wide open to anxiety in times of trouble.

v21-24 Rebuke the arrogant – have you ever been humbled by God for being too proud?  Do you find that people ridicule and criticize that which they don’t know or understand? The world will lead us one way, but often the council of God leads us in a different direction. The Word of God brings life to a dry thirsty soul.

Daleth – Symbol of moving, hanging, entrance

v25-29 My soul clings to the dust – a feeling of being emotionally dead and buried.  Preserve my life – have you ever thought of God’s Word as a life preserver?  Cause me to understand – don’t just help me out of my predicament, show me the way to keep from falling back into it again.  My soul is weary – The words of Jesus “Come to me all who are weary and heavy laden” (Matthew 11:28) are the perfect balm for the weary soul.


v30-32 The way of truth – is the path chosen by the Psalmist. Jesus offers himself as the way, the truth and life (John 14:6). Following the way of truth means clinging to the promises (testimonies) found in God’s Word.  I have set my heart – the prophet Daniel purposed in his heart that he would stand up for what he believed in even if it cost him his life.

This week, try substituting the name of Jesus wherever you find a reference to “the word of God” or any of its synonyms as you read this psalm. As you do this, understand that there is a difference between knowing about Jesus and believing in him. Traverse the bridge of faith today and experience Jesus personally.

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