Daily Archives: July 2, 2018

Couch to 5k week 4: Reentering the fray

Over the past several days the pain and stiffness in my leg  decreased dramatically.  I continued to do stretching exercises to loosen any tightness in my legs and stayed away from the track.  Saturday morning I got out of bed without having to gimp around the house.

Encouraged, I earmarked Sunday as the first day of my comeback.  It was time to reenter the fray.  (Yes, I could hear the theme song from the movie, Rocky playing in my head as I walk over to the college and stepped onto the rubberized surface of the 400 meter track.  My Rocky fantasy lasted for about one lap before I reminded myself to take it easy!

So, with some soothing contemporary Christian music playing on my iphone, I walked a total of 4 laps.  To my delight, I felt no tightness.  In fact, my legs were begging me to pick up the pace the whole time.

The following morning I was relieved to be able to walk around the house with a normal gait.  I intend to add a lap of walking each day until I reach 8 laps.  Then I will work on improving my time.  Stay tuned for more updates!