Daily Archives: August 2, 2018

Couch to 5k: perspective


As I sit on the sidelines waiting to understand my health situation, I can’t help but notice all the human activity going on around me.  A runner’s feet pound the pavement as he strides by, his pace unwavering.  There’s a pair of teammates zig zagging down a soccer field, abruptly changing direction after striking the ball.  On television, I observe baseball players pouring themselves in the game they love; diving, sliding and colliding.

I’m not jealous or envious of any of these people because I’ve enjoyed the very same endeavors. I’ve had my day in the sun.  I am, however, aware now more than ever of two things:  (1) the beating we give our bodies while engaged in the athletic endeavors we love.  (2) how amazing the human body is to heal, repair, condition and improve itself.

It is the second point I cling to as a source of inspiration.