Have you set a “Red Line” for your weight?

A few years ago I got off the couch to train for a five kilometer fun run. One major obstacle impacting my training turned out to be my weight. I carried an extra 25 pounds with me everywhere I went.

The whole process leading up to the 5k event took about nine months. It took all of that time to shed the weight. Training turned out to be the easier part. Being in my sixth decade, losing the weight is much harder now than it used to be. So, I decided to set a red line for my weight. I promised myself if I ever breeched it I would address the issue right away.

During much of the covid-19 crisis, I was pretty successful at staying under my target weight although I flirted with it frequently. That is until I stopped weighing myself some time after Christmas. When I jumped on the scales last week I was considerably above my red line. For the next several days, I jumped on the scales at different hours of the day hoping the result would change but it didn’t. Stay tuned!

Consider setting a “red line” to manage your weight goals.

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