Daily Archives: April 5, 2023

Introducing Herbie

We were saddened this past December by the passing of our sweet mini dachshund, Jake. He was with us for 15 wonderful years. His tail always seemed to be wagging, his eyes filled with love. We will miss you Jake. It wasn’t just my wife and I who were hurting. His best buddy, Brodie, our other dachshund waited days for him to come home. We all had a hole in our hearts that longed to be fulfilled.

Not many days after Jake’s passing another mini dachshund was born in the state of Michigan. We were not anticipating his birth. In fact, we never even knew he existed until I queried a breeder in February of this year.

As soon as he was old enough to leave his littermates we went to pick up our new all black mini dachshund puppy who had traveled to New York to meet us. We decided to name our new fiend, “Herbie,” having grown up on “Love Bug” movies.

He whimpered softly on the forty-five minute car ride home, no doubt missing his family. When we walked in the house and I set him on the floor next to Brody, he immediately showered him with kisses. The two have been inseparable pals ever since.

Welcome to our family Herbie!