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MBookCoverImagey newest offering is a short story,

“Fish: Guided by the Unseen.”  

Some of you may have seen my blog posts on “Fish.”  The five separate posts have been combined into a single story with added detail and character depth.

Print copy available for $3.99 at





“Fish: Guided by the Unseen.”  

Digital copy available for $0.99 at







Juniors Hope: A Memoir of a Father’s Son


Digital copy available for $2.99 at





BookCoverImage (1)


Print copy available for $5.99 at


About the book:  This is a love story between father and son. Its beginnings are rooted in a proud father’s love and a young child’s adoration. A teenage rebellion triggered by religious legalism jeopardizes their relationship and they drift apart. As the son ages and begins a family of his own, he is struck by the realization that he is not so different from his father. An unexplainable urge prompts him to resume close ties with his dad. Almost immediately after they reconnect his father is diagnosed with prostate cancer. While doctors struggle to save his father’s life, the son searches for purpose in his own life. As his dad nears death, family members pray for healing, yet a miracle never came – or did it?  

About the author:  Bill lives in Rochester, NY, with his college sweetheart, an excitable dachshund who’s tail never stops wagging, a cat who wanders around our yard all night and a tank of fish.  If he had free time he would certainly use it to fish, hunt and attend to his neglected model train layout.

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