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Favorite Words



Grace, it’s extended by a person and not a creed.
It reached out to meet me, a wretch in need.

Belief, let’s just say it’s required of me,
For Jesus to cleanse my heart and set me free.

Faith, more than a belief God is loving and just,
It’s an anchor that holds safely in life’s stormy gusts.

Trust, faith can’t wield its power without trust,
A willingness to be guided—dawn to dusk.

Hope,born out of faith it never grows old,
It’s an assurance death has no claim or hold.

Love, a litmus test applied to the faith I hold.
When directed towards others, Jesus’ story is told.

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He is Risen!

It’s always good to remind ourselves what Easter is all about.



Easter is sometimes called resurrection Sunday.  Belief in a bodily resurrection extends clear back to the time of Abraham.  Job, a contemporary of Abraham, had this to say:

“For I know that my Redeemer lives, And He shall stand at last on the earth; And after my skin is destroyed, this I know, That in my flesh I shall see God.”  Job 19:25-26

Today, the hope of a bodily resurrection remains the greatest single desire for those who wish to live beyond the grave; to have their slate wiped clean of heartaches, defects and maladies; to once again be able to converse with lost friends and loved ones.  How can we be sure there will be a bodily resurrection for every believer in Jesus Christ?  The gospel of John records these words of Jesus just before the bodily resurrection of Lazarus:

Jesus said to her [Martha], “I am the…

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Introducing Herbie

We were saddened this past December by the passing of our sweet mini dachshund, Jake. He was with us for 15 wonderful years. His tail always seemed to be wagging, his eyes filled with love. We will miss you Jake. It wasn’t just my wife and I who were hurting. His best buddy, Brodie, our other dachshund waited days for him to come home. We all had a hole in our hearts that longed to be fulfilled.

Not many days after Jake’s passing another mini dachshund was born in the state of Michigan. We were not anticipating his birth. In fact, we never even knew he existed until I queried a breeder in February of this year.

As soon as he was old enough to leave his littermates we went to pick up our new all black mini dachshund puppy who had traveled to New York to meet us. We decided to name our new fiend, “Herbie,” having grown up on “Love Bug” movies.

He whimpered softly on the forty-five minute car ride home, no doubt missing his family. When we walked in the house and I set him on the floor next to Brody, he immediately showered him with kisses. The two have been inseparable pals ever since.

Welcome to our family Herbie!

Familiarity, Part 2

In my previous post I challenged others to let go of the familiarity they held with cherished possessions. To put them on hold for a season. Though this wisdom certainly applies to places and things it runs contrary to maintaining relationships with the people we cherish.

Take my wife for example. If I disassociate myself from her, this would not have a desirable outcome. The same would hold true of my relationship with my children, devoted friends, and God.

When I let go of my familiarity with possessions, it frees me to focus on relationships. It serves to elevate relationships over possessions. That brings me back to the season of Lent, and why so many people choose to do without favorite objects, and focus on their relationship with God and the suffering Jesus endured for all our sakes.

Don’t let familiarity with a relationship you hold dear breed contempt. Instead disassociate yourself from anything that stands in the way.