I don’t consider myself a master class poet but I do enjoy grouping words together from time to time when I am inspired.  Here are a few of my poems:


July 30, 2018

Walking to work the other day, I spotted an old tree that captured my attention standing against the backdrop of the breaking dawn.  I couldn’t resist snapping a picture.  Later, I felt compelled to garnish the image with a few inspiring words.

The Tree in Me

I stretch out my arms,
lifting them to the sky.
Even as events happen
I don’t understand why.

Aging boughs creak, groan,
swaying in an angry wind.
Hope arises in the morning
when the sun warms my limbs.

(C) 2018 Bill Roushey


April 17, 2018

Inspired by spring bulbs poking their way up through the thawing ground after a particularly cold spring, I wrote this poem.

A Flower’s Notion


Cold and dark surroundings have preserved me in the earth.                          A predetermined message urges,        “rise up from the dirt.”

Should I exercise caution                          as I push my way into the unknown?    No, I must not doubt my purpose           for my beauty must be shown.

There are those who say,                      “You’re just an insignificant flower.” They offer a convincing argument, “beauty yields no power.”

What do they know I reasoned,                   I’m part of a designers plan.                                                                                                        Then, strolling towards me                                                                                                                  I spot two lovers holding hands.

(C) 2018 Bill Roushey

April 11, 2016

I got a little down yesterday when I considered that no matter how much time, energy or resources I was investing in mom, she was not going to get better. The human side of me said, “why keep trying.” The Spirit inside of me thought otherwise…


Health, worsening
Cancer, growing
Strength, waning
Mobility, lost

Resources, dwindling
Debt, climbing
Options, fading
Life, short

Gratitude, swelling
Anger, dissipating
Relationships, healing
Love, felt

Faith, soaring
Heavenly longing
Prayers, multiplying
Savior, come

(C) 2016 Bill Roushey