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The supervisor

FullSizeRender 2Our English cream dachshund is fast approaching his first birthday.  He has eclipsed his big brother, Jake, in size and weight but is respectful of him when they play together.

We look at Brody and marvel how much he resembles a Golden Retriever were it not for his short little legs.  My wife and I laughed when an internet search suggested that the gene responsible for his appearance is called the Chinchilla gene.  Could this be true?

Brody now has a new nickname, “the supervisor.”  He is always looking on and observing whenever my wife or I  is involved with a project around the house.  Assuredly, he is making sure whatever the task is it’s being done right.  If by chance a piece of whatever it is being worked on falls to the floor, Brody is quick to scoop it up and make tracks for the rug in the kitchen to study it further.


Brody Toady

IMG_0986Well, our little English Creme hot dog turns out to be quite a shredder.  It doesn’t matter whether its a credit card receipt, an empty toilet paper roll, a newspaper, a computer power cord or my slippers.  If he can get his teeth on it he will chew or shred it.

This fall, when Jake, Brody and I were able to take walks, I talked to them as we walked.  Jake(r) was the baker and Brody was a toady.  I guess you could say I liked to make rhymes while we ambled along.

Brody was a toad because he hopped along yanking the leash.  He couldn’t stay on the sidewalk or walk in a straight line, hence the nickname.  This spring he’ll need a new nickname once he becomes a good walker.

We survived Christmas with Brody

IMG_1548Brody was definitely a challenge this Christmas.  Puppy crazies were not the issue.  He took a great interest in all the trimmings and trappings this wonderful holiday presents.  His idea of fun included shredding any wrapping paper within reach, chewing the bottom boughs of the tree and turning gift tag labels into spit wads.  Some of his less harmful antics included wadding  up the tree skirt into a bed (each night) and snagging ornaments from the tote that weren’t on the tree.

We grew wise to his antics and wrapped presents in high places, stowing them in dresser drawers, under the desk, in the basement and in the upper reaches of our closets.  There’s a possibility that not all the presents were distributed on Christmas morning.  Time will tell.


Brody and Jake enjoyed ripping their stuffed animal presents to shreds and eating dog chews.

From our house to yours we hope you had a blessed Christmas and wish you good health, peace and prosperity in 2018!!

Brody, I love you but…

IMG_E1481A Brody update is long overdue.  Let me begin by stating the obvious, he is a beautiful creature, there is no doubting that fact.  Today I weighed Brody and Jake (his older brother) and for the first time they shared the identical weight.  Brody, however, is getting bigger everyday and Jake has been shedding ounces chasing Brody around the house.

I had forgotten how much life changes when there is a puppy in the house.  Here is a partial list of things I took for granted.

  • Sleep (Brody wakes up every time one of us turns over in the night)
  • Snacking peacefully on the sofa (I have to shield my food from him)
  • Relaxing in the evening before bed (puppy crazies start around 7 pm each night)
  • Watching a television show without interruption (see previous comment)
  • Leaving my shoes by the front door with the expectation of finding them there the next morning (use your imagination)
  • An orderly morning routine before work (how many times do I have to let him out before I go to work to make sure he’s finished his business)
  • Being able to sit down and put my feet up after working all day (Brody expects me to play with him after being penned up)

We are making it work and loving on Brody.  God made puppies cute for a reason!

Brody day 13


It’s amazing how fast Brody picks things up.  He is a smart one, watching humans and big brother Jake.  “Do you want a treat?” the words don’t escape his attention.  He excitedly follows Jake and me over to the box of biscuits in the pantry.  Brody sprints over to me when I excitedly inquire, “Do you want to go for a walk?” and then waits patiently while I put on his harness.

Once outside Brody has trouble distinguishing friend from foe.  He barks at garbage cans, other dogs, and pedestrians who simply stop to admire him.  We still have a lot of work to do.  At least he’s starting to figure out why we are taking him outside so frequently.  Most of the time he complies by doing his buisness.


Brody, day 5

IMG_0957Big brother Jake has finally stopped panting, the excitement (or anxiety) from having to put up with Brody 24/7 is his new normal.  We actually saw them laying down side by side.  Both were exhausted.  We spend most of the day telling Jake, “be nice,” but Brody is not playing by the same rules.

I discovered that Brody has two speeds when he’s not sleeping.  There’s the mini trot, four or five steps followed by rest.  The other speed is crazy puppy, a full out bolt across the lawn.

We have enjoyed our third straight night of restful sleep.  Apparently it makes a huge difference if Brody is in his exercise pen with the crate door standing open.  Oh, the little things in life sometimes make all the difference!