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We survived Christmas with Brody

IMG_1548Brody was definitely a challenge this Christmas.  Puppy crazies were not the issue.  He took a great interest in all the trimmings and trappings this wonderful holiday presents.  His idea of fun included shredding any wrapping paper within reach, chewing the bottom boughs of the tree and turning gift tag labels into spit wads.  Some of his less harmful antics included wadding  up the tree skirt into a bed (each night) and snagging ornaments from the tote that weren’t on the tree.

We grew wise to his antics and wrapped presents in high places, stowing them in dresser drawers, under the desk, in the basement and in the upper reaches of our closets.  There’s a possibility that not all the presents were distributed on Christmas morning.  Time will tell.


Brody and Jake enjoyed ripping their stuffed animal presents to shreds and eating dog chews.

From our house to yours we hope you had a blessed Christmas and wish you good health, peace and prosperity in 2018!!

Brody, day 5

IMG_0957Big brother Jake has finally stopped panting, the excitement (or anxiety) from having to put up with Brody 24/7 is his new normal.  We actually saw them laying down side by side.  Both were exhausted.  We spend most of the day telling Jake, “be nice,” but Brody is not playing by the same rules.

I discovered that Brody has two speeds when he’s not sleeping.  There’s the mini trot, four or five steps followed by rest.  The other speed is crazy puppy, a full out bolt across the lawn.

We have enjoyed our third straight night of restful sleep.  Apparently it makes a huge difference if Brody is in his exercise pen with the crate door standing open.  Oh, the little things in life sometimes make all the difference!