Brody, I love you but…

IMG_E1481A Brody update is long overdue.  Let me begin by stating the obvious, he is a beautiful creature, there is no doubting that fact.  Today I weighed Brody and Jake (his older brother) and for the first time they shared the identical weight.  Brody, however, is getting bigger everyday and Jake has been shedding ounces chasing Brody around the house.

I had forgotten how much life changes when there is a puppy in the house.  Here is a partial list of things I took for granted.

  • Sleep (Brody wakes up every time one of us turns over in the night)
  • Snacking peacefully on the sofa (I have to shield my food from him)
  • Relaxing in the evening before bed (puppy crazies start around 7 pm each night)
  • Watching a television show without interruption (see previous comment)
  • Leaving my shoes by the front door with the expectation of finding them there the next morning (use your imagination)
  • An orderly morning routine before work (how many times do I have to let him out before I go to work to make sure he’s finished his business)
  • Being able to sit down and put my feet up after working all day (Brody expects me to play with him after being penned up)

We are making it work and loving on Brody.  God made puppies cute for a reason!

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